The Most Important Thing I Learned From Class

The school year is coming to an end and I just recently finished up my journalism class about mass media. It was a great class that taught me so much and I would recommend it to anyone at UNC! It may sound scary because it’s on Monday night for three hours, but… it is really interesting and opened my eyes to many new things.

One of my favorite things about the class was that it introduced me to the world of technology and mass media. I loved learning about new inventions like Google Glass and Oculus. It got me thinking about what the future holds and I liked challenging my mind to make predictions on my own of what is to come. Knowing about these things made me feel in the loop and I liked sharing the information, about new inventions, to my family and friends. My dad knows all about Ring now!

The student presentations were also a great aspect of the class. Every time someone presented I learned something new and a lot of times they gave me a good laugh. I liked seeing things from other people’s perspectives and I liked watching how they would take an event or incident and relate it to mass media.

The most important thing I learned from this class though was that having an online presence is an essential thing to have. I never realized how much can happen from an online blog and how important they are to have, especially for us college students looking for internships and jobs. It is extremely helpful to have something published online that you can easily show to future employers, to give them a sample of your work. Putting your name out there gives you a chance to be noticed. No one ever knows who’s the next person to go viral, so why not try and get yourself in the game?

Having to blog for class was a great idea. Although it was a lot of work, I enjoyed every minute of it! I liked researching things in mass media and I liked having to write for an audience, instead of for a professor. I’ve never gotten a chance to really write about what I want to write about in a class. Throughout all my years of school, papers with a predetermined topic have been assigned to me and I’ve never gotten to write in a casual, fun way about something I like. Writing for an online audience has been a completely new thing for me and I’ve come to realize that I really like doing it! I am even planning on making a blog for my summer experience in New York City!

So thank you Professor John Robinson for opening up my eyes to the world of blogs! I have enjoyed every minute of your class and, though I won’t really miss being in class until 8:30 on a Monday night, I will miss learning about all the current news in mass media from you!


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